My name is Benjamin Hylak and I love robotics. I'm currently a student at WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) double majoring in Robotics Engineering and Computer Science.


Let me show you what I've been doing...

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Accolades Highlights


- White House Science Fair Presenter

-2X Speaker at New York Maker Faire

-Google Science Fair International Semi Finalist (1 of 90)

-5 Editor's Choice Awards @ NYC Maker Faire

-Intel Tomorrow Project Anthology Author

-Verizon Powerful Answers Semi-Finalist

-I met Bill Nye

-...and Dean Kamen (WPI Alum!)



ALAIR (Assisted Living Autonomous Internet Robot)

ALAIR is an autonomous robot designed to meet the needs of an aging population. ALAIR is able to take vitals, skype with doctors, detect falls and even dispense medication.


MAYA (Me and You Anywere)

MAYA is a budget telepresence robot I designed to visit my grandmother. MAYA was constructed for only $500 by utilizing off the shelf parts like a Roomba and a trash can. After construction, MAYA was tested with over 500 elderly residents and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

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